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Background information

2020 VfWEP is a school based programme initiated in 1996, piloted in 1998 to few provinces and fully implemented to all the nine provinces from 1999 to date.

This program is aimed at addressing one of the department’s mandate that of Public education with special focus on learners at basic Education level. Through the 2020 VFWEP the expectation is that learners will continue to raise awareness in their families and ultimately encourage a behavioral change for better water use practices in our communities. Through 2020 VfWEP program the department want to instil values of natural resource management and also to promote careers in the water sector in order to address the scarce skills challenge. Learners are the best educators and they are able to change the mindset of their families and entire community.

“ you educate a child you educate a nation”.


  • To encourage behavioral change in water use practices amongst our communities.

  • To create interest among learners to be involved in the management of our natural resources.

  • To also address the challenge of skills shortage especially in the engineering, environmental and scientific fields.

  • To create interest among learners to study courses that will enable them to work in the water sector.

  • To stimulate learners interest and support their choices in water careers – particularly engineers, technicians and artisans to ensure the necessary skills into the future to manage water services and resources.

Components of 2020 VfWEP

The 3 main components of 2020 Vision:

  1. Curriculum Support

  2. Intervention Projects and

  3. Action Projects

    1. Baswa le Meetse

    2. South African Youth Water Prize

    3. Aqua Enduro

    4. Youth Summit

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