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27 June 2017

Mpumalanga authorities engaged on National Water and Sanitation Master Plan

23 June 2017

Northern Nsikazi Bulk Water Supply project to bring potable water closer to communities

23 June 2017

Graduate trainee wants to carve an image as a gem in the water sector

22 June 2017

Masilonyana water woes addressed

21 June 2017

DWS makes a difference through its bursaries

14 June 2017

St Andrew High School shines at this year’s SAYWP

14 June 2017

EC showcases its water recycle project

13 June 2017

DWS’s graduate trainee passionate about water resource management

13 June 2017

Gauteng Schools impress at this year’s Baswa Le Meetse competition

12 June 2017

DWS spurs youth to aspire to become legend in the water sector

08 June 2017

Profiling Bursary Beneficiary Recipient

08 June 2017

Tshepiso Lehutjo’s hard work earned her DWS graduate trainee bursary

05 June 2017

Lebeko High School learners crowned 2017 SAYWP winners

02 June 2017

Deputy Minister Tshwete proud of SAYWP finalists

31 May 2017

Mamanyoha’s dedication to his work kept him for 37 years

31 May 2017

DWS brings heads together to discuss water quality management

31 May 2017

First High Level Panel on Water consultation aims to realise SDG goals

29 May 2017

Gauteng Sanitation Month Campaign propels communities to practice hygiene

26 May 2017

Upper Olifants CMF charter adopted

25 May 2017

Learners advised to live a healthy life

25 May 2017

War on Leaks workshop ends in great jubilee

24 May 2017

Baswa le Meetse unearths water ambassadors

23 May 2017

SADC River Basin Organisation Workshop deepens cooperation between sectors

22 May 2017

Sanitation and Hygiene Awareness celebration brings renewed hope of flushing

22 May 2017

Mathyse’s commitment to his job kept him going for 40 years

22 May 2017

Health and hygiene campaign addresses sewer spillages in Tembisa

22 May 2017

Madelakufa residents empowered with health and hygiene education

19 May 2017

Gaomphe passion for work kept him going

16 May 2017

DWS educate Butterworth learners about the importance of good hygiene

15 May 2017

Gauteng learners get an opportunity to pursue their dreams

09 May 2017

SAYWP encourages innovative Water Management from the Youth

09 May 2017

DWS offers bursaries to three learners in North West

08 May 2017

DWS Exposes Learners to the Water Sector

04 May 2017

DWS award bursaries to three learners in Northern Cape

02 May 2017

Mzimvubu Water Project well underway

24 April 2017

DWS signs an agreement with Japan International Cooperation Agency to enhance skills in the water sector

24 April 2017

DWS AND Elands Hex Catchment Management Forum celebrates WATER WEEK in Krondaal

24 April 2017

Gauteng War on Leaks trainees beat the odds to become water conservationists

20 April 2017

Optimistic War on Leaks trainee calls for support for the DWS’s programme

18 April 2017

Gauteng young Hack4Water winner deploys technological genius to save water

10 April 2017

Rural Communities to Benefit From Lusushwane Bulk Water Supply Project

06 April 2017

Tripartite MOU signed off to provide relief to drought-stricken Namibia

06 April 2017

Water tanks for DWS offices in Eastern Cape

03 April 2017

Etwatwa Water and Sanitation Forum ready to tackle pressing issues

03 April 2017

Gauteng creative wins coveted award for hygienic and water saving revolution

31 March 2017

DWS partners with Kingdom of Denmark and various private organizations to save water

27 March 2017

DWS’s Gauteng region gears for improved service in new financial year

27 March 2017

Tshwane residents walk against leaking taps and aging infrastructure

27 March 2017

Alexandra community encouraged to use water wisely

27 March 2017

Khaliphani Secondary School crowned champions of a flagship Science Competition

24 March 2017

South Africa commits itself to provide clean water and dignified services to its people

24 March 2017

Wastewater can rescue the world from its water challenges

17 March 2017

Learners Encouraged to Save Water

17 March 2017

Benjamin Primary Dominates Water Awareness Competition

15 March 2017

BAT leads the pack on innovative water conservation Project

15 March 2017

Ogies learners reminded of the value of water use efficiency

15 March 2017

DWS`s officials lay down the law to ensure proper water use activities

13 March 2017

DWS celebrate international Women’s Day with rural women in Nkomazi

13 March 2017

Teboho Primary School shines at Provincial Baswa le Meetse competition

13 March 2017

103 Year old gogo receive dignified sanitation

10 March 2017

Sunward Park High learners back the fight against water wastage

09 March 2017

DWS’s water and sanitation awareness campaign wins over young ambassadors

08 March 2017

Water wise primary school learners share tips on saving water

08 March 2017

Minister Mokonyane meets with Western Cape Provincial Government to assess the water situation

02 March 2017

Johannesburg Water officials roll up their sleeves in a fight against water wastage

01 March 2017

Rain Positively Impacts on Water Resources & Brings Life

27 February 2017

Wetland Clean-up campaign tackles illegal dumbing

27 February 2017

Deputy Minister Tshwete urges Peelton community to save water

27 February 2017

Lifting of water restrictions on the cards

27 February 2017

Minister launches Phase 2 of War on Leaks Programme

24 February 2017

Ba-Phalaborwa Water and Sanitation Forum play a role saving water

21 February 2017

DWS’s officials addresses issues of water restrictions during service delivery Imbizo

20 February 2017

DWS’s offensive against Acid Mine Drainage records successes

17 February 2017

Butterworth learners encouraged to save water

17 February 2017

South Africa braces itself for Tropical Cyclone Dineo

14 February 2017

Science and Engineering only for selected few

09 February 2017

Revived Suidkaap Plant Boosting Barberton Water Supply

07 February 2017

UN Environment workshop calls for more awareness of SDG goals

06 February 2017

Preserving wetlands for sustained good water quality

02 February 2017

Kanana community receptive to DWS’s Drop the Block Programme

02 February 2017

DWS trains 17 volunteers as water conservation agents

01 February 2017

Barberton community encouraged to continue saving water

01 February 2017

Khotso and his dad sing DWS’s praises

28 January 2017

DWS spearheads Community Forums establishment in Molemole and Lepelle-Nkumpi Local Municipalities

26 January 2017

DWS’s treatment plant contributes to water protection

26 January 2017

DWS awards bursaries to close critical skills gap

24 January 2017

Minister Mokonyane excited with the first MinMEC engagement

23 January 2017

17 year-old Shongwe wants address water challenges

20 January 2017

School bell rings for student who bagged DWS’s bursary to study BSc. Civil Engineering

17 January 2017

DWS’s offers 17 learners a lifeline

11 January 2017

Recent rains have little impact on dam levels

03 January 2017

Aqua Enduro coordinators unearth new generation of engineers and scientists


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