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Media Releases in 2017

DateMedia Release Title
15 Dec 2017Defaulting Municipalites to Face Water Restrictions
13 Dec 2017Interventions in Ugu District Municipality, bearing positive results
12 Dec 2017Gauteng dam improve following decent rains
05 Dec 2017Minister Mokonyane says access to finance is key to delivering water infrastructure
01 Dec 2017Emfuleni LM and Rand Water agree on a debt collection plan to ensure security of supply
30 Nov 2017DWS condemns vandalism and theft of water and sanitation infrastructure
29 Nov 2017Dam levels continue to drop despite heavy rains
29 Nov 2017Dam levels in North West decrease raising a concern to users
28 Nov 2017Dam levels in Eastern Cape are stable
23 Nov 2017R10 Billion Owed for Water – Cuts Looming
23 Nov 2017AG's R 2,5 billion irregular expenditure finding contested by department
20 Nov 2017Emfuleni Municipality's failure to settle water debt threatens water supply to key institutions and communities
20 Nov 2017World Toilet Day activities
15 Nov 2017DWS addresses possible contamination of the Hennops River in Centurion
15 Nov 2017DWS presents the 2017/18 Quarter 2 performance to the Portfolio Committee
13 Nov 2017New Date for Water Infrastructure Investment Summit: 05 December 2017
09 Nov 2017Upgrades could see Jacobsdal out of water restrictions
09 Nov 2017Dam levels in Limpopo are still in a satisfying state
08 Nov 2017DWS busy with maintenance project at Gariep Dam in Free State
07 Nov 2017DWS will appear before the Portfolio Committee on Water and Sanitation
07 Nov 2017King Hassan II Great World Water Prize
07 Nov 2017Awareness Campaign on World Toilet Day - 19 November
07 Nov 2017Heat wave contribute to rivers and dam levels dropping in North West
06 Nov 2017Minister Mokonyane launches Water Infrastructure Summit to lure investment in water sector
06 Nov 2017The Dis-Establishment of Mhlathuze Water and Transfer of Staff, Assets and Liabilities to Umgeni Water and Changing Name of Umgeni into Kwazulu-Natal Water Board
01 Nov 2017Mpumalanga water levels continue to decrease
01 Nov 2017IVRS levels decrease slightly as chances of rain remain low
31 Oct 2017Dam levels slightly improving in the province
31 Oct 2017Eastern Cape Dam levels are still dropping
29 Oct 2017DWS to keep taps running in Mbizana
25 Oct 2017Gauteng dam levels continue to decline as summer heat rises
25 Oct 2017Large parts of Northern Cape remain drought tricken
25 Oct 2017Inyaka Dam records major decline in water levels in Mpumalanga
25 Oct 2017Dam levels continue to decrease - DWS report
24 Oct 2017North West dam levels shows signs of improvement
23 Oct 2017Global Handwashing Campaign underway in Northern Cape
23 Oct 2017DWS: Water challenge in Mbizana Communities will be addressed
20 Oct 2017Illegal sand mining threatens environmental loss
19 Oct 2017More rains needed to improve dam levels
18 Oct 2017Ngqamakwe Water and Sanitation Forum meets to discuss water issues in the area
18 Oct 2017DWS Deputy Minister Tshwete leads delegation at the Portfolio Committee presentation
12 Oct 2017Handwashing crucial for a healthy nation
11 Oct 2017IVRS dips to lower levels but improves from last year at same time
11 Oct 2017Department of Water and Sanitation celebrates Global Handwashing Day
10 Oct 2017Rain brings no major changes to dam levels in Mpumalanga
10 Oct 2017Heavy rains bring joy and mayhem
09 Oct 2017DWS completes repairing leaking pipes on Kriel Pipeline, Mpumalanga Province
06 Oct 2017The Department of Water and Sanitation intervenes to ensure the delivery of water in Mopani
05 Oct 2017Dam levels in North West improving slightly
05 Oct 2017Providing water impacts financial results negatively
04 Oct 2017Further Water restrictions for agriculture and domestic users
04 Oct 2017Minister Mokonyane says War on Leaks to become permanent programme
04 Oct 2017Communities urged to report transgressors
04 Oct 2017Minister Mokonyane meets Mayor of Cape Town on drought
04 Oct 2017IVRS continues to fall to lower levels week on week
04 Oct 2017KZN dams’ levels show little improvements
03 Oct 2017DWS repairs leaking pipes on Kriel Pipeline, Mpumalanga Province
02 Oct 2017Taps do not run dry, despite slow recovery from drought
28 Sep 2017DWS’s Deputy Minister Tshwete to confer awards on learner for excellence
27 Sep 2017Minister Mokonyane moves swiftly to allay investor fears on Umgeni Water
27 Sep 2017Gauteng levels go down, consumers asked to spare no effort to save water
26 Sep 2017Dam levels in Free State decrease
26 Sep 2017Dam levels in North West continue to be a concern
25 Sep 2017DWS engineers isolate cause of pipe burst at Komati Water Augmentation Scheme
25 Sep 2017South Africa and Cuba extend working relations in the water sector to 2023
24 Sep 2017DWS addresses a pipe burst on the Komati Water Augmentation Scheme
20 Sep 2017IVRS dam levels remain on the downturn week on week
19 Sep 2017Dam levels around Free State below remains at critical level
19 Sep 2017Theft at the Richards Bay Desalination Plant
19 Sep 2017Mpumalanga dam levels continue on the decline mode
18 Sep 2017DWS in Free State to hold Sanitation Public awareness campaigns
18 Sep 2017Department Undertakes Validation and Verification of Water Users
18 Sep 2017Department of Water and Sanitation restores Mpumalanga pump stations
17 Sep 2017Heritage of Stompdrift Dam
14 Sep 2017Water service delivery to improve in Peddie
13 Sep 2017Young people gearing up to fix water leaks
13 Sep 2017Spring Day brings with it hopes of rains in the new season
13 Sep 2017Dam levels continue to drop week on week
13 Sep 2017DWS working with SIU and Public Protector to conclude investigations
12 Sep 2017World Water Monitoring Day reminds of the importance of water quality
11 Sep 2017DWS draft National Norms and Standards for Domestic Water and Sanitation Services gazetted for public comments
11 Sep 2017The heat is on and dam levels continue to decline
11 Sep 2017Standing Committee on Appropriations to Conduct Oversight Visit in Kwazulu-Natal
08 Sep 2017DWS to handover water tanks
08 Sep 2017Municipalities are encouraged to speedily pay the Department of Water and Sanitation
07 Sep 2017Municipalities and water boards owe department billions
06 Sep 2017Water interventions at municipalities impact on DWS’s budget and performance
05 Sep 2017No El Nino is expected this summer but SA will experience late seasonal showers
05 Sep 2017Mine Water Management Policy strives to protect water resources
04 Sep 2017Select Committee of NCOP to Visit Kwazulu-Natal
31 Aug 2017Move to fast-track Water Use License Applications by Western Cape municipalities to mitigate drought effects
30 Aug 2017North West dams remain steady
29 Aug 2017Conserve more water as we enter Spring
29 Aug 2017Conserve more water as we enter Spring
28 Aug 2017KZN to host “Take-A-Girl Child to Work”
28 Aug 2017World Water Week conference will give traction to SA’s ability to achieve SGD 6
25 Aug 2017Proposed Raw Water Tariffs for 2018/19 Presented at the final National Raw Water Consultation
23 Aug 2017DWS tables it Quarter One report in Parliament
22 Aug 2017Department of Water and Sanitation to deal with officials who flout procurement processes
22 Aug 2017Mpumalanga water levels continue to drop
22 Aug 2017Dam levels continue largely unchanged
22 Aug 2017Update on War on Leaks Programme in Northern Cape
22 Aug 2017KZN to host Women and Disabled Supplier Development Workshop
18 Aug 2017Injongo Primary School a Media Classroom
18 Aug 2017Water users must use water wisely despite recent rains
17 Aug 2017Free State dam levels decreases
16 Aug 2017Water Levels in the Northern Cape
16 Aug 2017The Department of Water and Sanitation to work with other departments to accelerate service delivery in Mopani District
16 Aug 2017South Africa’s dam levels drop slightly this week
15 Aug 2017Residents are reminded to continue saving water
15 Aug 2017DWS’ Committed to Health and Hygiene Women’s Dialogue
15 Aug 2017Conserve more water as decline in Mpumalanga dam levels continue
15 Aug 2017DWS spend millions to promote the development of innovation in the water sector
10 Aug 2017Joint Oversight Visit of the Northern Cape by the National Council of Provinces (NCOP)
02 Aug 2017IVRS continues to contract to lower levels week on week
01 Aug 2017Water levels decline again this week
26 Jul 2017Water levels in some parts of Eastern Cape becoming a concern
26 Jul 2017South Africa’s dam levels experience a slight decrease this week
25 Jul 2017Minister Mokonyane dismisses OUTA claims on Gauteng's water future
24 Jul 2017Water users called to control daily demand as Gauteng dam levels drop
21 Jul 2017DWS consulted stakeholders on raw water tariffs
20 Jul 2017Water and Sanitation Master Plan to address water challenges
19 Jul 2017Eastern Cape Baswa Le Meetse Competition
18 Jul 2017Stream cleaning for water security on Mandela Day
16 Jul 2017The Director-General of the DWS given a notice of intention to suspend
14 Jul 2017DWS draft Mine Water Management Policy 2017 gazetted for public comment
13 Jul 2017DWS in partnership with GIBB and Sunlight explore other avenues to increase water supply in South Africa
13 Jul 2017Three Northern Cape schools shine at the National Baswa Le Meetse competition
12 Jul 2017Limpopo's SAYWP winners will be jetting off to Stockholm, Sweden
10 Jul 2017Think Tank in the water sector to meet in Port Elizabeth to discuss water issues
05 Jul 2017DWS appeals to all water users to use it wisely as dam levels continue to decline
05 Jul 2017Gauteng dams slightly decline, consumers urged to save more
04 Jul 2017DWS and IUCMA consult water users on raw water pricing
03 Jul 2017DWS engages water users on raw water pricing charges
03 Jul 2017DWS in Mpumalanga to clean rivers as part of Mandela Month
30 Jun 2017Youth in the water sector close off youth month by pledging to be agents of youth empowerment
29 Jun 2017Free State dam levels slight decrease
28 Jun 2017Youth encouraged to actively participate in the water sector as Youth Indaba kicks off
28 Jun 2017Clear Rivers Campaign to celebrate Mandela Month
28 Jun 2017DWS appeals to water users to be cautious on water usage
28 Jun 2017Department presents quarter 4 results to parliament
28 Jun 2017Clear rivers for a healthy nation and water security
27 Jun 2017Minister Mokonyane moves swiftly to stabilize Umngeni Water
27 Jun 2017Save more as Mpumalanga dam levels shrink
27 Jun 2017Minister Mokonyane terminates term of office of Overberg Water Board
27 Jun 2017DWS calls on citizens to join in on the Clear Rivers Campaign
26 Jun 2017DWS and LHDA host the second RSA briefing session
26 Jun 2017Deputy Minister launched the Ntontela Tembukazi water supply project
26 Jun 2017The LHWP Phase II is steeped in positive possibilities for the future
22 Jun 2017DWS stakeholders comment on the draft water & sanitation master plan
21 Jun 2017Dam levels keeps on declining as we deal with the cold winter
21 Jun 2017Minister Mokonyane says transformation in Construction Management Unit of the Department will be prioritized
20 Jun 2017Water Status in the Northern Cape
20 Jun 2017Irrigation Boards taken to task about lack of transformation
20 Jun 2017Standing Committee on Appropriations to conduct oversight visit in KwaZulu-Natal
19 Jun 2017Integrated Vaal River System on the downturn
19 Jun 2017DWS to develop a water and sanitation master plan
13 Jun 2017DWS presents the Annual Performance Plan to the Select Committee on Social Services
13 Jun 2017Dam levels continue to decline slightly as winter season is in full swing
13 Jun 2017IVRS dwindling as rain prospects lessen during winter months
12 Jun 2017DWS and LHDA brief prospective participants on Phase II of the LHWP
12 Jun 2017The LHDA brings prospective RSA contractors up to speed with requirements and opportunities towards the LHWP Phase II
07 Jun 2017Dam levels decreased slightly again
06 Jun 2017Pupil’s talent to be unearthed during water competition
02 Jun 2017Limpopo learners to fly South Africa's flag high in Europe
31 May 2017DWS hosts the Integrated Water Quality Symposium
31 May 2017Water conversation is everyone’s responsibility
31 May 2017Dam levels decline slightly in Limpopo
30 May 2017Water Status in the Northern Cape stable
30 May 2017Water levels declining in Eastern Cape
26 May 2017Budget to enhance service delivery, increase access and ensure empowerment
24 May 2017Water conversation is everyone’s responsibility
24 May 2017Learners taught to stay healthy
24 May 2017Deputy Minister Tshwete addresses the future of the Water Sector in Bitou Municipality
24 May 2017MS - Mpumalanga dam levels decreasing slightly
24 May 2017Ray Nkonyeni Water and Sanitation Forum Establishment
23 May 2017DWS Northern Cape Call Centre Resolves 95% of Reported Incidents
23 May 2017Dam levels to decline as we enter into the winter season
22 May 2017Minister Mokonyane on Western Cape provincial drought declaration
22 May 2017DWS hosts the 7th SADC River Basin Organisation officials’ workshop
19 May 2017DWS launches the National Water and Sanitation Master Plan Dialogue
18 May 2017Free State dam levels on a decline
17 May 2017Dwindling dam levels a concern in Eastern Cape
16 May 2017Recent rainfall leads to slight improvement in Mpumalanga Dam Levels
16 May 2017Water levels continue to decline weekly
16 May 2017Minister Mokonyane addresses Western Cape Water Indaba
15 May 2017Rapid intervention to promote water accessibility
12 May 2017DWS launches critical Richards Bay Desalination Plant
11 May 2017Water restrictions in Free State still in place
09 May 2017Dam levels in Limpopo continue to improve
09 May 2017DWS offers bursaries to three learners in North West
09 May 2017Minister Mokonyane withdraws appeal in Umhlathuze Water Board Judgement
09 May 2017Mpumalanga dams decrease slightly
09 May 2017DWS to host Baswa le Meetse competition
09 May 2017Sitintile Secondary School to represent Mpumalanga in National Youth Water Prize Competition
09 May 2017The Integrated Vaal River System remains steady
09 May 2017DWS urges South Africans to use water carefully as dam levels continue to decline
09 May 2017Inter-governmental approach needed to Water Debt challenges
08 May 2017DWS accelerates water provision efforts in North West
03 May 2017Dam levels continue to decrease
03 May 2017DWS in KZN to embark on sanitation activities to raise health and hygiene awareness
28 Apr 2017Dam levels decline in most provinces
26 Apr 2017DG suspends senior managers on allegations of misconduct
25 Apr 2017Mzimvubu water project update
25 Apr 2017Tzaneen Dam Media Tour postponed indefinitely
25 Apr 2017OR Tambo District Municipality water debt repayment agreement reached
24 Apr 2017DWS awards SAYWP winners with bursaries
24 Apr 2017DWS and Elands Hex Catchment Management Forum celebrates WATER WEEK in Krondaal
21 Apr 2017DWS invites media to a Tzaneen Dam tour
20 Apr 2017Refurbishment of Wastewater Treatment Plants in the Northern Cape
19 Apr 2017Limpopo’s dam levels shows satisfactory signs of improvement
18 Apr 2017Western Cape needs rain to increase dam levels
07 Apr 2017Minister Mokonyane and municipal counterparts turn the sod for the second phase of the Lushushwane Bulk Water Supply Project
06 Apr 2017Mantsopa Bulk Water Project nearing completion
05 Apr 2017Integrated Vaal River System capacity still steady
05 Apr 2017Free State dam levels slightly drops
04 Apr 2017Minister Mokonyane to Turn the Sod For Lushushwane Bulk Water Supply Project Phase Two
31 Mar 2017The Department of Water and Sanitation wishes its senior officials well on their departure
31 Mar 2017DWS partners with Kingdom of Denmark and various private organizations to save water
26 Mar 2017Minister Mokonyane calls for African countries to unite in finding water solutions
23 Mar 2017Minister Mokonyane briefs media on outcomes of World Water Summit and Expo
23 Mar 2017Department removes pumping equipment of illegal water users
22 Mar 2017South Africa in collaboration with the United Nations hosts World Water Day in Durban
22 Mar 2017Minister Mokonyane awards creative minds in the water sector
19 Mar 2017Minister Mokonyane unharmed in Burglary at Mthatha Hotel
17 Mar 2017The Department of Water and Sanitation sends condolences to the family of the driver of a water tanker killed at Msinga
15 Mar 2017Tswelopele Bulk Water Project progresses well
14 Mar 2017BATSA records 54.5 percent decrease in water usage
14 Mar 2017DWS in Northern Cape to educate residents about the importance of water
13 Mar 2017DWS officially lifts water restrictions in Gauteng
09 Mar 2017DWS and SALGA empower councillors in North West
08 Mar 2017South Africa to host United Nations World Water Day Summit and Expo
07 Mar 2017Minister Mokonyane sends teams to assess and support Western Cape water security and drought response measures
27 Feb 2017DWS offers bursaries to 9 learners
26 Feb 2017Minister Mokonyane lifts Gauteng water restrictions with immediate effect
24 Feb 2017War on Leaks Phase 2 launched in Kwazulu-Natal by Minister Mokonyane
24 Feb 2017Rain drops brought some impact in dam levels around Free State
23 Feb 2017Communities warned to relocate from the vicinity of rising rivers and dams
22 Feb 2017Dam levels keeps on improving as more rain pours in the province
21 Feb 2017Gauteng’s Integrated Vaal River System still stable
21 Feb 2017Cyclone Dineo improves water levels in Ehlanzeni District
17 Feb 2017Eastern Basin Acid Mine Drainage Plant Launched
16 Feb 2017Slight improvement in dams levels this week
13 Feb 2017Department of Water and Sanitation committed to good governance
13 Feb 2017Residents urged to report water wastage
08 Feb 2017Dam levels show slight improvements in some parts of the country
08 Feb 2017Free State dam levels remain low despite recent rains
08 Feb 2017Mpumalanga dams improve slightly but water restrictions are still in place
02 Feb 201750 000 water saving blocks to be distributed in Northern Cape
01 Feb 2017Moves to intensify water restrictions
01 Feb 2017Richards Bay Desalination Plant
01 Feb 2017DWS to meet Khayelitsha Water and Sanitation Forum to discuss issues affecting the community
31 Jan 2017Minister Mokonyane gives update on water and sanitation provision in theLimpopo province
31 Jan 2017Gauteng dams remain stable albeit surge in consumption
25 Jan 2017Dam levels in Limpopo improving
25 Jan 2017EC dams at lowest level after many years
25 Jan 2017Water is restored in the Matzikama Municipality
24 Jan 2017Minister Mokonyane briefs media on outcomes of Water and Sanitation MinMEC
24 Jan 2017Despite a rise in dam levels, restrictions remain in place
24 Jan 2017Dam Levels - Need for Intensive Water Conservation Efforts
18 Jan 2017Slight but noticeable increase in the Integrated Vaal River System
18 Jan 2017Dams levels increase following rains
18 Jan 2017Free State Dam levels still need more to recover
13 Jan 2017Outa Deliberately out to Undermine Water Sector Transformation
11 Jan 2017Above normal rainfall is needed to see significant improvement in dam levels
06 Jan 2017Dam levels remain low despite mid-summer rainfall
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