Green Drop System (GDS)

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Wastewater Works Summary Details   May 2018

Works Name: Tugela
 Registration Number: 40700680 
Province: KZ Water Services Authority: DC29
Villages Served: Tugela Area Population Served: 9000
Class: E System Calculated Class: E
Applicable Limits: General Limits Discharge Into:
Is Discharge Authorized: No Authorisation Type: General
Design Capacity (Ml/d): 0.75 Available Capacity (Ml/d):
Operating Capacity (Ml/d): 0.60 Maximum Discharge Volume:
Number of Sample Points: 2 Number of Determinands to be Tested: 19
Number of Tests done to date: 1530 Number of Tests done this month: Currently not implemented
Risk Ratings:
Cumulative Risk Rating: 58 Risk Rating Date: May 01, 2014
Design Capacity Rating: NI Operating Capacity Rating: NI
Effluent Failure Rating:  NI Technical Skills Rating: NI
Compliance:   Select Compliance Period:  
Monitoring:    63.00% Operational:    0.00%
Microbiological:    100.00% Physical:    60.00%
Chemical:    66.67%    
Flagged for Relocation?    
Compliance below 80%:   
Compliance between 80-90%:   
Compliance between 90-95%:   
Compliance above 95%:   

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