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Resource Directed Measures
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Water Resource Protection Policy Implementation
Resource Directed Measures for protection of Water Resources
Volume 2 Integrated Manual (Version 1.0)
Volume 3 River Ecosystems (Version 1.0)
Volume 4 Wetland Ecosystems (Version 1.0)
Volume 5 Estuarine Ecosystems (Version 1.0) - .zip : Whole Document (387KB)

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Section A : Resource Directed Measures for Aquatic Ecosystems

Section B : Resource Directed Measures for Estuarine Ecosystems

Section C : Procedure for Desktop Estimates of RDM for Estuaries

Section D : Procedure for Rapid Determination of RDM for Estuaries

Section E : Procedure for the Intermediate Determination of RDM for Estuarine Ecosystem

Section F : Procedures for the Comprehensive Determination of RDM for Estuarine Ecosystems


Appendix E1 : Current Estuarine Flow Requirements (EFR) Methodology

Appendix E2 : Relevant Data from EFR Studies used in estimating Reserve Ranges for Rapid Determination of RDM

Appendix E3 : Assessing Estuarine Health and Assigning Present Ecological Status (PES)

Appendix E4 : Determining the Importance of Estuaries and Assigning Ecological Management Class (EMC)

Appendix E5 : Example of Table Formats in which Data necessary for the Determination of the Present Ecological Status can be Presented

Volume 6 Groundwater Component (Version 1.0)

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