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Resource Directed Measures
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Water Resource Protection Policy Implementation
Resource Directed Measures for protection of Water Resources
Volume 2 Integrated Manual (Version 1.0) - .zip file - Whole Document (169KB)

Cover Page

Sections 1 - 7

Section 1: Introduction to the RDM Integrated Manual

Section 2: Resource Directed Measures in the Water Resource Protection Policy: Summary of Policy

Section 3: Development of RDM methodologies

Section 4: Different levels of RDM determinations

Section 5: The generic RDM methodology

Section 6: Giving effect to RDM for a water resource

Section 7: Administrative processes related to RDM determination

Appendices :

Appendix IM1 : Selection level of RDM determination for water use licensing IM1/2

Appendix IM2 : Study team composition for RDM determinations IM2/2

Volume 3 River Ecosystems (Version 1.0)
Volume 4 Wetland Ecosystems (Version 1.0)
Volume 5 Estuarine Ecosystems (Version 1.0)
Volume 6 Groundwater Component (Version 1.0)

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