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Resource Directed Measures
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Water Resource Protection Policy Implementation
Resource Directed Measures for protection of Water Resources
Volume 2 Integrated Manual (Version 1.0)
Volume 3 River Ecosystems (Version 1.0)  (.zip files : PrecedingSections A-F, Appendices 1-17, Appendices 18-24, Appendices 25-31)

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Section A : Resource Directed Measures for River Ecosystems

Section B : Resource Directed Measures for River Ecosystems (to be included in version 1.1)

Section C : Procedure for Desktop Estimate of the Water Quantity Component of the Ecological Reserve

Section D : Procedure for Rapid Determination of RDM for River Ecosystems

Section E : Procedure for Intermediate Determination of RDM for River Ecosystems

Section F : Methodology for Comprehensive Determination of RDM for river ecosystems


Appendix R1: Preliminary Ecoregion Classification System for South Africa

Appendix R2: Stream Classification

Appendix R3: Desktop Level Estimate of the Present Ecological Status for use in the National Water Balance Model

Appendix R4: Intermediate Habitat Integrity Assessment (for use in the rapid and intermediate habitat assessments)

Appendix R5: Habitat Integrity Assessment for the Comprehensive Determination of the Ecological Reserve

Appendix R6: Procedure for assessing the present ecological status

Appendix R7: Assessment of Ecological Importance and Sensitivity

Appendix R8: Determination of the Social Importance of a Water Resource

Appendix R9: Incorporation of Economic Consideration into the RDM Determination: A Proposed Conceptual Approach

Appendix R13: A Decision Support System for an Initial Low-Confidence Estimate of the Quantity Component of the Ecological Reserve for Rivers

Appendix R16: Providing Hydrological Information and Data Analysis Tools for the Determination of Ecological Instream Flow Requirements for South African Rivers

Appendix R17: The Procedure for Generating Hydraulic Information and Intermediate and Comprehensive Ecological Reserves (Quantity)

Appendix R18: Role of Geomorphology in Intermediate Ecological Reserve Determination

Appendix R19: The Procedure for Generating Riparian Vegetation Information for the Comprehensive and Intermediate Reserve (Quantity)

Appendix R20: The Use of Ecological Information on Fish in the Specification of the Flow Component of the Reserve (Desktop, Rapid, Intermediate and Comprehensive Determinations

Appendix R21: The Procedure for Generating Aquatic Invertebrate Information for the Intermediate and Comprehensive Ecological Reserve (Quantity) for Rivers

Appendix R22: Procedure for Selecting Sites in Intermediate and Comprehensive Determination of the Ecological Reserve (Water Quantity Component)

Appendix R23: Resource Quality Objectives: Determination of Habitat Integrity Objectives

Appendix R24: Analysis of Previous IFR Results

Appendix R25: Giving Effect to the Reserve: Yield Modelling and Design of System Operating Rules

Appendix R29: Using Ecological Management to derive integrated Resource Quality Objectives and the Ecological Reserve for Water Resources

Appendix R30: Breakdown and Scheduling of Tasks for Intermediate RDM Determination

Appendix R31: Design of Post – RDM Monitoring Programmes


Volume 4 Wetland Ecosystems (Version 1.0)
Volume 5 Estuarine Ecosystems (Version 1.0)
Volume 6 Groundwater Component (Version 1.0)

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