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The development of the Groundwater Dictionary is to provide a tool that will contribute towards the integration of groundwater aspects into the hydrological, systems and planning computer modelling software, which currently form the basis of resource evaluation and development options for surface water resources in South Africa, as carried out by the Chief Directorate: Integrated Water Resource Planning.  This integration will further promote the concepts of Integrated Water Resource Management, as called for in the National Water Act (1998).


The Groundwater Dictionary was developed by the Institute for Groundwater Studies, University of the Free State and funded by the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry, Directorate: Water Resource Planning Systems.


The Groundwater Dictionary is the product of a team effort.  The contributions, inputs and support of a large number of people needs to be acknowledged, including that of:

Fanus Fourie (Department of Water Affairs)

Ingrid Dennis (Institute for Groundwater Studies)

Rainier Dennis (Institute for Groundwater Studies)

Sonia Veltman (Private Consultant)

Rian Titus (Water Geosciences Consulting)

Roger Parsons (Parsons and Associates)


A special thanks goes to Helena Liebenberg for the art work.