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Resource Directed Measures (RDM)

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Resource Directed Measures (RDM)

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This is a term used, but not defined by the National Water Act. The objective of Resource Directed Measures (RDM) is to facilitate the proactive protection (for use) of the country’s water resources, in line with sustainability principles. The National Water Act (NWA) recognises the need to develop and use the country’s water resources to grow. However, the Act also recognises that our water resources not be used to the detriment of future users. RDM hence strives to ensure that the water resources are afforded a level of protection that will assure a sustainable level of development for the future. To this end, RDM comprises three main interrelated components, namely:

· Classification

· Reserve

· Resource Quality Objectives.


One of the strategies to implement the National Water Act and includes Classification, the Reserve and Resource Quality Objectives.

Why is RDM important?

RDM is a guide for the protection of water for their sustainable utilization.