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National Groundwater Information System (NGIS)

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Directorate: Surface and Groundwater Information
Private Bag X313
Fax: +27 12 336 6904
E-mail: ngaur@dws.gov.za

National Groundwater Information System (NGIS) is a portfolio of projects designed to meet increasing demands for groundwater information in a rapidly changing water business environment. The system will be distributed among regional offices and caters for the integration of spatial and non-spatial data and information. It also accommodates increased visualization and analytical functionality.

The portfolio of the NGIS project includes several applications, namely

The National Groundwater Archive (NGA)

The NGA is a web enabled database system that allows capturing, viewing, modifying and extraction of groundwater related data by registered users. Advanced search and reporting facility are also provided. Currently the main focus of NGA is on point data known as Geosites (boreholes, dug wells, seepage ponds, springs, etc). Line and polygon data will be made available in future.

To register go to: http://www3.dwa.gov.za/nganet

Enquiries: ngaur@dws.gov.za

Currently there are about 265 355 Geosites on the NGA.

To obtain Geosite Identifiers contact the relevant Regional Office

NGA Brochure


CHART is an integrated, hydrogeological analysis and reporting solution that aims to assist hydrogeologists and hydrogeochemists in decision-making during analysis and assessment of hydrogeological and hydrogeochemical data.

CHART supports the analysis and assessment of the complete hydrogeological cycle and hydrochemical trends in an integrated fashion with collaboration between groundwater, surface water, and rainwater data in a single snapshot or dashboard.

CHART also fulfills an integral management role that aims to assist geohydrologists with implementation and management of monitoring programmes and networks.

Enquiries: ngaur@dws.gov.za

CHART Brochure


Geohydrological Reports System is a database that contains groundwater related technical reports. Approximately 9 935 technical reports are available in the library at National Office. These reports reflect the hydrogeological investigations done by Department officials or consultants.  A web based system allows one to inquire about the availability of specific documents and are made available in PFD format.

To search the database go to: //www.dwa.gov.za/ghreport

Enquiries: ngaur@dws.gov.za


Other groundwater related documents or 1:500 000 Hydrogeological maps and brochures are also available on request. (See ordering details)

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