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Vaal Major





Stations in: 5. Vaal Major (Blue row indicates station is a dam)
StationPlaceDate/TimeStage (m)Flow/Cap.
C1H002Klip at Sterkfontein2017-12-13 10:483.25146.52
C1H006Blesbok at Rietvley2017-12-13 08:121.85866.9
C1H007Vaal at Bloukop2017-12-13 09:123.89885.24
C1H008Watervals at Elandslaagte2017-12-13 17:001.3835.23
C1H012Vaal at Gladdedrift2017-12-13 17:001.70891.2
C1H019Outflow from Grootdraai Dam2017-12-13 17:000.3090.85
C1H020Sasol 2 Canal at Vlakfontein no data 
C1L002Vaal at Mooiplaats(Camden N2 Road Bridge no data 
C1L003Vaal at Welgelegen(Origin N17 Bridge) no data 
C1L004Vaal at Uitspanning(N211 Bridge to Amers no data 
C1R001Vaal at Vaal Dam2017-12-13 18:0020.82480.25%
C1R002Vaal at Grootdraai Dam2017-12-13 12:3625.03579.68%
C2H005Rietspruit at Kaalplaats2017-12-13 17:300.0050
C2H007Vaal at Orkney2017-12-13 05:000.50154.82
C2H061Vaal at Klipplaatdrift2017-12-13 16:000.55254.94
C2H122Outflow from Vaal Dam2017-12-13 18:000.53815.84
C2H140Vaal at Goose Bay Canyon2017-12-13 18:000.82293.24
C2H234Suikerbosrand at Platkoppie no data 
C3H016Harts at Lloyds no data 
C3R001Harts at Wentzel Dam2017-12-13 11:365.00746.76%
C3R002Harts at Spitskop Dam2017-12-13 05:005.42964.32%
C3R006Harts at Taung Dam2017-12-13 09:0024.76991.11%
C4H004Vet at Nooitgedacht2017-12-13 05:000.0130.01
C4H015Vet at Vaalkoppies no data 
C4H016Sand at Bloudrift2017-12-12 05:000.3693.93
C4R001Sand at Allemanskraal Dam2017-12-13 17:486.95933.82%
C4R002Groot Vet at Erfenis Dam2017-12-13 05:0026.49547.16%
C6H001Vals at Roodewal2017-12-12 05:000.2261.29
C6H002Vals at Bothaville2017-12-12 05:000.3842.04
C6H006Vals at Tweefontein2017-12-13 17:4820
C6H007Vals at Kroonstadbrug no data 
C6H009Vals at Lindley2017-12-13 05:00-0.0170
C7H001Renoster River at Junction no data 
C7H003Heuning Spruit at Dankbaar no data 
C7H019Renoster at Verheugd2017-12-13 13:240.057
C7H020Renoster at Doorndraai no data 
C7R001Renoster at Koppies Dam2017-12-13 09:244.98871.02%
C8H001Wilge at Frankfort2017-12-13 17:000.55628.2
C8H003Cornelis at Warden no data 
C8H005Elands at Elands River Drift2017-12-13 17:000.1842.1
C8H020Liebenbergsvlei at Roodekraal2017-12-13 17:000.52820.28
C8H023Meul River at The Willows2017-12-13 05:000.1484.16
C8H026Liebenbergsvlei at Frederiksdal2017-12-13 18:000.74223.32
C8H027Wilge at Ballingtomp2017-12-13 18:000.8310.5
C8H028Wilge at Bavaria no data 
C8H030Wilge at Cableway2017-12-13 17:480.99833.06
C8H036Ash at outlet from Katse Dam2017-12-12 05:001.12724.01
C8H037Liebenbergsvlei at Reward2017-12-13 05:000.58931.81
C8R003Nuwejaarspr at Sterkfontein Dam2017-12-13 05:0079.7194.17%
C8R004Liebenbergsvlei at Saulspoort Dam no data 
C8R008Namahadi at Fika-Patso Dam2017-12-13 17:0036.66435.75%
C9H008Vaal at Schoolplaas2017-12-13 17:000.3089.47
C9H009Vaal at De Hoop no data 
C9H021Outflow from Bloemhof Dam2017-12-13 17:000.60743.91
C9H024Vaal at Schmidsdrift no data 
C9R001Vaal at Vaalharts Weir2017-12-13 17:006.66776.02%
C9R002Vaal at Bloemhof Dam2017-12-13 13:0016.94581.54%
C9R003Vaal at Douglas Weir2017-12-13 05:003.074111.01%
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