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A WUA is a statutory body established by the Minister under the National Water ACT (NWA). A WUA is a co-operative association of individual water users who wish to undertake water-related activities for their mutual benefit. A WUA is governed by a management committee. The Act provides for the establishment of WUAs for any form of water use described in the Act. However, there are two distinct types of WUAs that may be established, namely, a sectoral WUA and a multi-sectoral WUA.

What is the purpose of a WUA?

The purpose of a WUA is to enable people within a community to pool their resources (money, human resources and expertise) to more effectively carry out water-related activities. Through a WUA members can benefit from addressing their local needs and priorities.

WUAs operate at a restricted localised level. WUAs can provide a mechanism through which the catchment management strategy can be implemented at local level. WUAs also have an important role to play in terms of poverty eradication and providing food security.

Legal status of a WUA

Functions of WUAs

Different types of WUAs

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