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The principal functions to be performed by the Association in its area of operation are - [Note: The following are options. Others may be proposed. Choose and number your options.]

  • To prevent water from any water resource being wasted.

  • To protect water resources.

  • To prevent any unlawful water use.

  • To remove or arrange to remove any obstruction unlawfully placed in a watercourse.

  • To prevent any unlawful act likely to reduce the quality of water in any water resource.

  • To exercise general supervision over water resources.

  • To regulate the flow of any watercourse by -

    • clearing its channel;

    • reducing the risk of damage to the land in the event of floods;

    • changing a watercourse back to its previous course where it has been altered through natural causes.

  • To investigate and record -

    • the quantity of water at different levels of flow in a watercourse;

    • the times when; and

    • the places where water may be used by any person entitled to use water from a water resource.

  • To construct, purchase or otherwise acquire, control, operate and maintain waterworks considered to be necessary for -

    • draining land; and

    • supplying water to land for irrigation or other purposes.

  • To supervise and regulate the distribution and use of water from a water resource according to the relevant water use entitlements, by erecting and maintaining devices for -

    • measuring and dividing; or

    • controlling the diversion of the flow of water.

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