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Objectives of the Strategy

The purpose of the Strategy is to achieve reconciliation of the water supply with the water requirements up to 2035. The Strategy aims to guide the management of the water supply system in a coordinated, efficient, cost effective and environmentally sound manner. Stakeholder consultation with water users, planners, and policy makers is a key component of developing a strategy which is built around the principles of Integrated Water Resource Management. The planning process has involved developing an understanding of the bulk water supply network and its relevant components and the water requirements of the urban, rural, agricultural, and environmental sectors which are all competing for limited water resources. In addition, the demands and future development of the Orange River and the Caledon River were taken into consideration. The overriding principles of sustainability in water supply and management have guided the development of an action plan to provide water for future generations.

The Strategy focuses on the following technical tasks:

  • Developing water requirement scenarios.

  • Determine potential savings which can be achieved through the implementation of WC/WDM

  • Assessment of the water resource availability.

  • Identify and assess appropriate water resource augmentation options.

  • Consider infrastructure challenges and sedimentation related constraints.

  • Investigate possible wastewater re-use options.

  • Identify environmental and water quality related issues.

  • Document the reconciliation process and strategy.

The following objectives have been set for the water reconciliation strategy:

  • To identify interventions that will reconcile the water requirements with the available water for the next 25 years.

  • To develop a strategy that will be flexible to accommodate future changes in actual water use.

  • To integrate augmentation and bulk supply options to achieve optimised overall benefits.

  • To engage extensively with stakeholders to build partnerships and promote co-operation.

  • Assess the potential savings that can be achieved through water conservation and water demand management measures as well as the potential for reconciling current and future water requirements.

  • Communicate the findings regularly to all stakeholders.



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