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Welcome to Managing the Water Quality Effects of Settlements website

The project to Manage the Water Quality Effects of Settlements or “Dense Settlements” project was undertaken by the Waste Discharge and Disposal directorate of the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry. The project was financially supported by the Danish Government.

This project developed the Structured-Facilitated approach to identifying the underlying causes of pollution in densely populated settlements in South Africa. The main outcome of this project was the National Strategy to Manage the Water Quality Effects of Settlements, which describes DWAF’s plans to roll out the structured-facilitated approaches in South Africa, as well as an assessment of the main causes of pollution in these settlements.

The project also tested the approaches in some 12 Test Cases, and the results from these settlements have shown that it is possible to identify sustainable solutions to problems when communities and service providers work together.

This website contains highlights from the project, and will provide you with the basic tools you need to start working. You can also order a free copy of an interactive CD that provides more materials to help you implement the approaches.

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