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Stakeholder consultation is mainly focusing on the key stakeholders including Water User Associations, Eastern Cape Coordinating Committee on Agricultural Water (CCAW) and Eastern Cape Provincial Government.

The stakeholder engagement team working on the Feasibility Study has worked extensively in the Eastern Cape and, specifically, with organised agriculture within this section of the province. Existing information will be used to develop a clear understanding of existing institutional arrangements to ensure inclusion of any other relevant stakeholders during the consultation process.

Meetings will be arranged with stakeholders in order to obtain their inputs into the process. This will also be instrumental in providing a solid foundation for consultation during the EIA phase which will be undertaken separately to the Feasibility Study. One of the key aims of the Stakeholder engagement process will be to provide as much relevant information including a stakeholder database and, if possible, a comments and responses report to the appointed EIA consultants in order to reduce possible duplication and to ensure a smoother EIA process.

Project newsletters will be published throughout the Feasibility Study.

Newsletter 2 (April 2014)

Stakeholder Forum Meetings

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