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The objective of the study is to examine all aspects of the feasibility of constructing a major dam at the Foxwood site in the Koonap River for the purpose of augmenting water supplies to Adelaide and to provide reliable water supplies for existing and new irrigation. The feasibility studies is being undertaken at sufficient detail to provide reliable information to support high level decision-making regarding approval of development proposals.

The Feasibility study covers all technical aspects such as:

  • The availability of water in the Koonap River taking into account the Environmental Water Requirements (EWR)

  • The 30 year future demand (or need) for water by the various user sectors

  • The technical details of constructing a dam at Foxwood and transmitting the water to the intended beneficiaries

  • The capital cost of developing the project, including the cost of the land required and the effective management in perpetuity of all environmental impacts

  • Expected operating and maintenance costs

  • The economic and other benefits of developing this water resource

  • The merits of resorting to other water sources as alternatives

  • Institutional arrangements for the construction, owning and operating the physical infrastructure

  • Compliance with all legal requirements

  • Sustainable funding arrangements and the associated cost recovery from water users


The Feasibility Study commenced with an Inception Phase leading to the Inception Report and is followed by a Phase 1 Preliminary Study and a Phase 2 Feasibility Study. The activities necessary to carry out the work required in the Preliminary Study are arranged in five Phase 1 Tasks and the main Feasibility Study comprises thirteen Phase 2 Modules. The list of project modules is shown in the programme below.

The project is programmed over 27 months commencing 1st August 2012:

  • Inception Phase – 3 months

  • Phase 1 Preliminary Study – 6 months

  • Phase 2 – Feasibility Study - 18 months

Project Programme


Project Governance

The Feasibility Study is being managed in a way designed to maintain effective communication and cooperation between:

  • the DWS Project Manager and all relevant Directorates in the Department as Client

  • stakeholders in other Government and Provincial Departments

  • Local and District municipalities in the Project Area

  • other Government agencies

  • water users and their associations and

  • the PSP’s Project Team

Governance of the project will be affected through managing the integration of the various activities and interests, particularly the roles of the DWS Project Manager and the PSP’s Project Director and Study Leader, through the structures described below.

An organogram illustrating the organisational structure of the PSP is provided below.



A Study Management Committee (SMC) comprising the DWS Project Manager, other DWS representatives as required and the PSP’s Project Director, Study Leader and Project Manager will be convened for the day-to-day coordination and management of the project. The PSP will be responsible for the successful management and administration of the assignment.


The PSC will be responsible for liaison between DWS ( through PSP) and other key stakeholders advising the DWS, on the strategic matters relating to the study and for locating and making available information necessary for the investigations.

Representation at the PSC will include:

  • PSP Study Leader (supported by Task Leaders and support staff when relevant)

  • National and Provincial Department of Water and Sanitation

  • National Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries

  • National and Provincial Department of Rural Development and Land Reform

  • Eastern Cape Office of the Premier

  • Provincial Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism

  • Provincial Department of Local Government and Traditional Affairs

  • Representatives of the District Municipality, Local Municipality and Amatola Water

Attendance at PSC meetings will be in the study area. Key stakeholders will be copied with documentation of PSC meetings.

Project Steering Committee 1 (December 2012)

PSC01 Agenda

PSC01 Minutes

Project Steering Committee 2 (April 2013)

PSC02 Agenda

PSC02 Minutes

Project Steering Committee 3 (October 2013)

PSC03 Minutes

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