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Who Can Participate

  • High school learners (grade 9-10) or from similar institutions
  • individuals or group members can be from the same or different schools
  • Not older than 20 years
  • Who are innovative and passionate about water and the environment,
  • Who have a special interest in the sciences and technology

What Should Learners Do

  • Identify problems related to water and sanitation in their school or community e.g. water wastage, pollution of water sources (wells, rivers etc) water borne diseases, invasive alien plants etc
  • Take action (initiate a project, do research and recommend solutions that will solve the identified problem)


  • Awareness category: is a research project on the identified problem, take action, recommend the solutions
  • Invention category: is a research project on the identified problem, take action, develop a technical model or invention that can be used to solve the problem identified

Support To Learners

Upon receipt of registration form from the learners the DWS and its partners will

  • support the learners in the development of their projects
  • provide learners with information which can be used for reference



1st prize

  • Bursary From the Department of Water and Sanitation (For careers in the water sector)
  • Ticket to Stockholm, Sweden to participate in the Stockholm Youth Water Prize
  • Subsistence allowance of R2 000 for Sweden.
  • Cash Prize R 9000.

2nd prize (to the value of R7 000)

3rd prize (to the value of R5 500)

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