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The study has several components but can broadly be sub-divided into the Technical Process and the Public Participation Process.
The Technical process has several subcomponents as listed below:

  • Water Requirements

Estimate current and future water requirements. This includes a comprehensive demographic study to estimate future population growths.

  • Water Resources

Estimate the water resources currently available as well as identify future possible resources. This includes surface as well as groundwater resources.

  • Water Reconciliation strategies

Develop strategies, for each Water Demand Centre, to reconcile the future water requirements with the future water resources. Several options have been considered, broadly classified as options to decrease the water demand, and secondly infrastructure interventions that include the construction of new dams.

There are several sub-tasks which support the Technical process. These are:

  • Environmental screening

  • Institutional capacity

  • Economics, and

  • Climate change



The Public Participation Process

Strategic direction and guidance will be provided by the Study Steering Committee (SSC), comprising representatives of the Directorates: National Water Resource Planning, Options Analysis, Water Resource Planning Systems and Water Allocation, as well as representation from the DWS Regional Offices, other affected organs of state and representatives of stakeholder sectors (agriculture/ irrigation, industry, mining, urban and rural communities).

The ongoing management and guidance of the Study is provided by the Study Management Team (SMT) comprising representatives of the Client and the PSP (Study Team). Members of the Study Management Team are listed under Reports and Documents


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