* Metadata X   Currently available
      Consult Business Information Intranet Homepage
* Time Slices of Landuse (1960, 1970 an so on)      
      Will have to rely on satellite imagery
* DWAF Regions and Offices. X    
*Project Locations and details of working for     Data with CWSS and WFW negotiations to obtain in
  Water Projects and Studies by DWAF.     progress
* Water Management Areas     Boundaries in progress
* Water Boards X   Will be loaded onto corporate D.B. with upgrade in
      SDE data available
* Primary Catchment X    
  Secondary Catchment X    
  Tertiary Catchment X    
  Quatnenary Catchment X    
* Rivers with names : order classifications X   At a scale of 1 : 50 000
                              : mean annual run off X X    
* CSIR Land Cover X   Will be loaded soon
      Data available
* All Water Services Authorities     Local authority boundaries being  negotiated
      with CWSS
* Streamflow and water quality gauging stations X    
  and data.      
* Hydro's measuring stations (positions) X   Data in Arcstorm
* Dam location and details X    
* Census 96 + GIS and all attributes at Et level     Some data received
      Available on LAN. Will eventually go G.D.B.
* Provinces: (used in Census Hierarachy) X   In progress
  Magisterial Districts     L.A. Boundaries negotiated with CWSS
  Service councils      
  Local councils      
* Local government GIS Boundaries and     Will obtain when available
  hierarachy when finalised by Democation      
  Board next year.      
* All ENPAT data     To be downloaded in due course
* Three different scales & accuracies of data.     Striving for 1 : 50 000 data- countrywide. Currently
* Slimes Dams      
* Mines X   Still attempting to trace
  Township X    
  City Centres X    
* LIS     Should be available soon - Nov. 99'
* 1 : 50 000 Intelligent GIS River coverage.     Investigating.
  (whole country)     Long-term project - Looking for partners.
  - flow direction (consatium approach)      
* Water Quality      
* Scanned 1 : 50 000 maps   X Available on CD.
      SDE Can't handue raster data currently
* Working for Water data     Will be passed onto us, as it is completed.
      (November 99')
* Contours 1 : 50 000     Not complete  by Mowbray (Vectorised) yet. Should
      be in CBD 2001/2002
* Dams X    
* Farmdams X   Only available at 1 : 250 000
* Acocks Veldtypes X    
* Rainfall isolines     What isoline internal required?
      Minute grid available (50mm) (100mm)