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Groundwater Resource Assessment and Monitoring (GRAM)

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Groundwater Resource Assessment

Groundwater Resource Assessment Phase II (GRA II) is a model for estimation of groundwater allocation scenarios. It provides an introduction to the world of groundwater quantification on local and regional levels.

GRA II is designed to model a distinct geohydrological or hydro-lithological unit (such as a groundwater flow basin) and to provide a rough, desk-top estimate of the status of the groundwater resource and what volume might be abstracted without damaging local surface aquatic ecosystems over the long-term.

Dimensional (area, X and Y dimension, grid-resolution), geohydrological (aquifer thickness, saturated thickness, hydraulic conductivity, etc.) and recharge data are required as inputs. 2-dimensional grid representations of the area are produced. A series of algorithms quantifies the groundwater potential. This methodology may generate water balance data for each cell, including for any surface-water course cells that can then be compared to surface flow data.

National Groundwater Quality Monitoring Programme

The National Groundwater Quality Monitoring Programme ascertains the influence of rainfall on the groundwater quality and determines the groundwater quality. It also provides information about the Groundwater Quality Monitoring Network, basic information about monitoring parameters and preliminary results.

The spatial distribution of groundwater quality monitoring stations and their data is also available.

Current Research & Development Projects and Programmes

Water Use License Assessment (WULA)

Sub-Directorate: GRAM is responsible for assessment of water use allocations as regulated under National Water Act (Act 36 of 1998). The assessment also includes the evaluation of any groundwater monitoring network that is required to support management of the resource from which the water is to be abstracted. All the available groundwater assessment information (regulation by current General Authorisations, Harvest Potential data, Exploitation Potential [C Haupt, 2003] information, Groundwater Reserve Determinations per Quaternary Catchment, WARMS data and GRA II information) is applied to perform a local water balance model for each water use license assessment. Future optimisation of this application will use supporting software like GRDM (Groundwater Resource Directed Measures, version 3.1).

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