Inventory of microbial monitoring data for surface water

Surface water sites monitored by The Department of Water and Sanitation, in cooperation with other agencies.
Site types are limited to: Rivers, Dam / Barrage, Canal, Estuary/Lagoon, Wetland, Spring/Eye, Lake, Pan.
Site colours reflect the maximum aggregated annual class during the past 5 years.
Click on a site to see a thumbnail summary of the microbial data, then click on the thumbnail for a more detailed time-series plot.
Disclaimer: classes are inferred from transient indicator species, and the actual risk of exposure to pathogens may be higher or lower than shown here.
Download: obtain a copy of the raw data used to generate this map - includes citation instructions.
Special request: kindly inform us if you notice any errors in site positions or descriptions.

2019-12-28 01:21:17