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National Water Resource Strategy: 2013

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NWRS Comprehensive Implementation Plan 16 July 2016Cheryl Schulz7/22/20163.61 MBDownload
NWRS CIP Narrative Overview IterationCheryl Schulz2/15/20163.50 MBDownload
NWRS June 2013 2nd Edition: Summary Cheryl Schulz7/18/2013630.18 KBDownload
NWRS June 2013 2nd Edition: Comprehensive VersionCheryl Schulz11/12/20136.76 MBDownload
NWRS Foreword & TOCCheryl Schulz11/12/2013389.66 KBDownload
Chapter 1: IntroductionCheryl Schulz11/12/201370.82 KBDownload
Chapter 2: National Strategic ImperativesCheryl Schulz11/12/2013268.37 KBDownload
Chapter 3: Vision, Goal, Principles & ObjectivesCheryl Schulz11/12/2013476.50 KBDownload
Chapter 4: WR Planning, Infrastructure Development & ManagementCheryl Schulz11/12/20131.05 MBDownload
Chapter 5: Water Resource ProtectionCheryl Schulz11/12/2013775.47 KBDownload
Chapter 6: Equitable Water AllocationCheryl Schulz11/12/2013134.87 KBDownload
Chapter 7: Water Conservation & Demand ManagementCheryl Schulz11/12/2013862.04 KBDownload
Chapter 8: Institutional ArrangementsCheryl Schulz11/12/2013332.26 KBDownload
Chapter 9: Regulation of the Water SectorCheryl Schulz11/12/2013120.78 KBDownload
Chapter 10: Managing Water Resources for Climate ChangeCheryl Schulz11/12/2013234.58 KBDownload
Chapter 11: International cooperation and Trans-boundary Water Course ManagementCheryl Schulz11/12/2013553.08 KBDownload
Chapter 12: Financial ManagementCheryl Schulz11/12/2013331.99 KBDownload
Chapter 13: Monitoring & Information ManagementCheryl Schulz11/12/201386.97 KBDownload
Chapter 14: Research & InnovationCheryl Schulz11/12/201358.63 KBDownload
Chapter 15: Water Sector Skills & CapacityCheryl Schulz11/12/2013341.03 KBDownload
Chapter 16: Emerging Policy Issues & Implementation of the StrategyCheryl Schulz11/12/2013229.13 KBDownload
Chapter 17: DefinitionsCheryl Schulz11/12/2013391.53 KBDownload
Annexure A: Perspectives per Water Management AreaCheryl Schulz11/12/2013582.63 KBDownload
Annexure C: National Desalination StrategyCheryl Schulz11/12/2013634.81 KBDownload
Annexure B: Understanding Water ResourcesCheryl Schulz11/12/2013752.95 KBDownload
Annexure D: National Strategy for Water Re-UseCheryl Schulz11/12/2013798.69 KBDownload