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Dr Paul Roberts
Deputy Director General Water Resources
Department of Water Affairs and Forestry
(Photo courtesy of Department of Water Affairs and Forestry)

As Deputy Director General Water Resources of the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Thukela Water Project Web site.

Water is a scarce resource in most countries, South Africa included, and it is incumbent on this Department to manage water nationally to ensure its equitable distribution to all user groups and users, including the natural environment as a legitimate user of water, to ensure the longer-term sustainability of our rivers and associated ecological systems.

Water management can take many forms and, indeed, recent initiatives of the Department, such as catchment management and demand management have yielded favourable results. Nevertheless, for sustained economic growth and social well-being, it remains necessary to continually investigate and plan for medium- to long-term water requirements. This is the responsibility of the Directorates: Water Resources and Project Planning under whose direct guidance and control Thukela Water Project investigations are being conducted.

Importantly, at this stage, the project is a study only. The results will be evaluated by the Department and will be compared with other options open to the Department to ensure the sustained growth of our country. Only if and when necessary will the South African Parliament be motivated by the Department to proceed with construction. Current indications are that such a decision will be taken only in a few years from now.
I invite you to browse this Web site at your leisure and to join the Department in a journey of discovery which matches the highest possible international standards.

The Thukela Water Project Web Site has been updated based on the results of the recently completed Feasibility Study.

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